A little birdie told me
This was your special day
He really didn't have to
He gives himself away

He's going to a party
It's very plain to see
He really is all decked out
Dressed so festively

Wishing you a Birthday
That's filled with lots of fun
Presents by the handful
Ribbons by the ton

Each year a presentation
I love this one the best
May this blue bird of happiness
Forever be your guest.









A second possible top...so it is not just for birthdays!

NO part of this set may be used separate from this set to construct/be part of someone else's web set!  Of course, we make all our graphics for those who use our sets.  They may NOT be taken to be used separately from the set they are constructed for.  The HTML may be copied if you are using this set.  THANKS!

The beautiful painting used for this set is by artist, Penny Parker, and used with her permission.  The painting was altered slightly with the permission of Ms. Parker.