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 New Gene Linked to Alzheimer s  Tea without milk better for the heart  Health Highlights: Jan. 14, 2007  Alzheimer s gene found  GM chickens lay cancer-fighting eggs  Health Highlights: Jan. 15, 2007  Cancer Council warns dangers of soy  Alzheimer s disease: What you need to know?  New Bird Flu Outbreaks Raise Alarm in Asia  Apple juice better off cloudy  Natural hormone enlisted to tackle obesity  Health Highlights: Jan. 15, 2007-Updated  Growth Hormone No Magic Bullet for Aging  Prion protein found in milk  Narcotics Offer Only Short-Term Relief of Back Pain  Combinations of Tomato and Broccoli Enhance Antitumor Activity in Dunning R3327-H Prostate Adenocarcinomas   Tomato-broccoli combo fights prostat cancer  Found: A Gluten-Free Pancake That Really Stacks Up  Health Highlights: Jan. 16, 2007  Scientists Explore Virus-Prostate Cancer Link  States Report Progress in Combating Cervical Cancer  What changes are needed for H5N1 or another avian influenza virus to cause a pandemic?  What is the avian influenza A (H5N1) virus that has been reported in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Near East?  Bird flu outbreaks reported again in Asia  Canadian Pharmacists Seek Ban on Export of Drugs to U.S.  Health Highlights: Jan. 16, 2007  Observational Studies Can Produce Skewed Results  Growth hormone not anti-aging solution  Vitamin A Inhibitors May Help Prevent Esophageal Cancer  Molecule Shows Promise Against Cancer  HIV Infected 1,000 Children a Day in 2006: U.N. Report  U.S. Cancer Deaths Drop for 2nd Year in a Row  Gum Disease, Pancreatic Cancer Link Seen  Cancer deaths down for second year - report  Guangzhou Zhuolie Industrial Trading Co., Ltd.   Dongguan City Shipai Nekon Machinery Co., Ltd.   Ningbo Yunhuan Electronics Group Co., Ltd.   Best Source International Trading Co., Ltd.   Xuzhou Waterstar Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.   Xuzhou Sanchunbao Sauna Equipment Co., Ltd.   Dongguan City Moreda Electric Technology Co., Ltd.   Shanghai Weijun International Trading Inc.  

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