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 No More Milk Products with Bovine Growth Hormone: Starbucks  U.S. Government Awards Bird Flu Vaccine Contracts  Baby Teether Beads Pose Choking Hazard  1918 Flu Pandemic Virus Overwhelmed Lungs: Study  Health Highlights: Jan. 17, 2007  Layoffs Stress Everyone in the Workplace  Potato Popular with Growers  Glaxo-Affiliated Doctors to Dominate Upcoming NIH Neonatal Herpes Conference  Elderly use alternative medicine without doctors notice  Scientists Study Old Virus to Predict Impact of Avian Flu Pandemic  Big Tobacco Boosting Nicotine in Cigarettes: Study  Tobacco Addition: What you need to know?  Health Highlights: Jan. 18, 2007  Staph Toxin Can Trigger Deadly Pneumonia  Many Genetic-Based Cancer Studies Flawed  Good Heart Health Habits Should Start in Childhood  U.S. Toy Co. Recalls More Childrens Butterfly Necklaces Due to Lead Poisoning  Folic acid supplement boosts mental power  Chlorinated water may raise bladder cancer risk  Spicy foods may help cure cancer  Starbucks shifting to rBGH-free milk  CDC: Beware Fluoride  Chinese herb Danshen lowers blood pressure  Ebek, Inc. Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of Liviro3  Biotech Crops Bringing Benefits to Health and the Environment  Heavy Metal Toxins a Danger in Homes  Health Highlights: Jan. 21, 2007  New bird flu case reported in S. Korea  Caffeine may ease post-exercise pain  The foods that help men  Beast density a risk factor for breast cancer  Health Highlights: Jan. 21, 2007  Noroviruses: What you need to know?  Cold remedy ingredient raises stroke risk  Obesity may lower risk of death from heart failure  Universal Health Insurance is back on the drawing board  Why Do Good? Brain Study Offers Clues  Endurance sports may raise sudden death risk in athletes  Bovine Genetics and Mad Cow Disease  Alert on Undeclared Sulfites in Dried Tomato and Garlic Pesto Mix  Health Highlights: Jan. 22, 2007  Selenium Supplements May Slow Progression of HIV  Tamiflu-Resistant Bird Flu Virus Detected in Egypt  Health Highlights: Jan. 22, 2007 Updated  FDA proposes to redefine gluten-free   Selenium supplements suppress HIV in some patients  Anti-depressants linked to increased fracture risk in elderly  Metabolic Syndrome Predicts Heart Risk: Study  Bush to talk about health insurance tonight  Bamboo leaves reduce acrylamide formation in fries  Allergy alert on undeclared milk in Elegant Sweets Chocolate Cream Truffles  Allergy alert on sulfites in products with sun dried tomatoes  Red meat linked to higher heart disease risk in diabetics  Microwave oven sterilizes sponges, scrub pads: study  Active Minds May Keep Alzheimer s at Bay  FDA Weighs New Birth-Control Pill Standards  Flu Tests Cut Hospitals Antibiotic Use  Quarantine Urged for New TB Strain  State of the Union 2007  Hangzhou Dingsheng Packing Co., Ltd.   Zhejiang Yiwu China Small-Commodities City Trading Co., Ltd.   Dalian Honeyland Trade Co., Ltd.   Beijing Blove Amber Clothing Co., Ltd.   Guangzhou Eastern House Trading Co., Ltd.   Yiwu Victory General Merchandises & Trading Co., Ltd.   China Jiangsu International Economic-Technical Cooperation Corp.  

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