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 Rat Poison Found in Recalled Pet Food  Genetically Modified Foods: Boon or Boondoggle?  FDA warns against drinking mineral water contaminated with arsenic  Mediterranean Diet Benefits Heart Attack Patients  Organic Kiwi Fruit Healthier  Elizabeth Edwards Cancer Has Spread Into Hip  Blueberries May Help Curb Colon Cancer  High plasma glucose linked to increased cancer risk  Report on the investigation of the ninth case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) in Canada  High Trans Fat Intake Triples Heart Disease Risk  Health Highlights: March 27, 2007  Herbal Extract Shows Some Benefit for Heart Failure  Long-Term Aspirin Use Cuts Death Risk for Women: Study  Tell USDA No Drugs in Rice!  Mother s Beef Consumption May Affect Son s Fertility  Tequila Fruit Compound Could Help Treat Colon  MRI Detects Breast Cancer Missed by Mammography in High-Risk Women  MRI Technique Could Predict Heart Attack Risk  GM Potato Controversy - A case with disturbing implications for present day science  Green Tea May Help Fight HIV  Food Dominates TV Ads for Children  Omega-3 fatty acids affect risk of depression, inflammation  Impact of exercise on body fat is different for boys and girls  Nutrients might prevent hearing loss, new animal study suggests  Higher Trans Fat Levels in Blood Associated With Elevated Risk of Heart Disease  Job Performance Can Go Up in Smoke  MRI for Diagnosis of Cancer in the Opposite Breast: Questions and Answers  Baby Chicks Linked to Salmonella  Male Circumcision and Risk for HIV Transmission   WHO recommends circumcision for HIV prevention  Guida s Milk and Ice Cream Withdraws Guida Label Lowfat Chocolate Half-Pint Containers  Three outbreaks of salmonellosis linked with baby poultry  Chemical Found in Recalled Pet Food  Curry Compound May Fight Rare Neurological Illness  FDA panel Okays new treatment for prostate cancer  Breastfeeding alone cuts HIV risk  Hills Pet Nutrition, Inc. Voluntarily Recalls Single Product, Prescription Diet  Fish Helps Statins Protect the Heart  Vitamin combo prevents hearing loss  US global AIDS effort should focus on prevention  Functional Foods: Healthy or Hype?  How can we reduce our cancer risk?  Wearing bras drastically increases breast cancer risk  You Are Being Exposed to Dangerous Flame Retardants  Fat overrides effects of vitamin   Weight Gain in Pregnancy Linked to Overweight in Kids  FDA Extends Comment Period on Foods From Cloned Animals  Vitamin K May Help Clear Arteries  FDA Bans Wheat Gluten From Chinese Company Linked to Pet Food Deaths  Can mammograms help women?  Influenza B viruses become resistant to Tamiflu  Cancer Survivors Weigh Odds When Disease Recurs  New Cancer Cases to Double by 2030: Report  Estrogen-only hormone therapy not so risky for younger women  Computer-aided Detection makes mammograms less accurate  Mediterranean diet protects children against allergies  Earn Extra Money Online at Home for Free  e commerce hosting Showcase  earn money online  

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