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 FDA warns consumers not to eat certain peanut butters  Heart disease rate in the US on the rise  Experts Search for Source of Salmonella-Tainted Peanut Butter  ConAgra recalls peanut butter  Eating fish during pregnancy raises IQ in children  Eating tainted peanut butter makes five Illinoisans sick  Calcium, Vitamin D Supplements Cut Fracture Risk: Study  Tainted Cantaloupe, Baby Food Recalled  PB & J, the new spinach  Salmonella Outbreak In Peanut Butter  Health Highlights: Feb. 18, 2007  FDA expands its warning about salmonella-tainted peanut butter  Watercress may protect against cancer  South Carolina firm recalls chicken breast strips  Flavanol-rich cocoa improves blood flow in the brain  Suppressed report shows cancer link to GM potatoes  Cooked chicken breasts join tainted-food recalls  AHA updates guidelines for preventing heart disease in women  Health Highlights: Feb. 20, 2007  Spearmint tea may help reduce hair growth in women  USDA accused of refusing to enforce law  Merck stops lobbying for mandatory Gardasil vaccine  Salmonella Questions and Answers  Advice for Hurricane-Harassed Sugarcane Growers  Seattle lawyer files class action lawsuit over peanut butter illnesses  Mild Salami may contain Salmonella bacteria  Vitamin K2 may maintain bone strength – study  U.S. healthcare costs $4 trillion annually by 2016  Boosting brain power — with chocolate  Firm recalls Pre-packaged Wellsley Farms brand fresh mushrooms  Pregnancy hormone may help multiple sclerosis patients  PA Firm Recalls Giant Eagle Egg Free Pasta Ribbons  Vitamin D May Reduce Falls in Elderly  Health Highlights: Feb. 21, 2007  American Dental Assn. cautions against fluoridated water in formula  FDA: Tell patients about risks of ADHD drugs  Class action lawsuit filed over tainted peanut butter  Prenatal multivitamins may reduce risk of childhood cancers  Diet alone sufficient for weight loss  Peanut butter kills woman, lawsuit alleges  A Honey of a Source of Antioxidants  Infants exposed to pollutants tend to be smaller  Salmonella found in opened jars of peanut butter  USDA adopts novel meat inspection plan  Alcoholics may have trouble reading others Emotions  MRI dyes may harm kidney patients  U.S. experts deny problems with HPV caccine  Top milk producer sours on cloned  Risk-based inspection: Questions and Answers  HPV vaccine: What you need to know  Jiulong S&T Group Co., Ltd.   Zhejiang Kukun Cable Manufacturing Co., Ltd.   Shenzhen Siemax Communications System Co., Ltd.   Shenzhen Rongsheng Copper Wire Co., Ltd.   Shanghai Shenghua Cable Group Co., Ltd.   Shenzhen D&S Industries Ltd.   Yongtai Electronic (Dongguan) Ltd.   Zhejiang Zhongda Group Holding Co., Ltd.   Shanghai Keming Transmission Technology Corporation  

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