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2007-9-12 23:13:31

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Detailed Product Description

Feed grade:
Is spirulina good for pets and other animals? Walk into any pet store and
you'll find it's a popular supplement for fish, birds and pets. In fact, much of
the global spirulina production is consumed by aquaculture raised fish and
prawns, tropical fish, ornamental birds, horses and even cats and dogs. In
the 1970s, the first use was enhancing the beautiful colors in fancy koi carp.
Then fish and prawn farmers discovered it increased growth rates, survival,
color, and reduced medications. Today, spirulina is in most premium aquarium
feeds. Zoos feed their flamingos a spirulina diet, like the millions of pink
flamingos living on it in East African lakes. Ornamental bird breeders use it to
enhance color, health and fertility. Tiny amounts in diets of young turkeys and
chickens builds disease resistance, reducing the need for antibiotics. In
reptiles, it improves skin gloss and disease resistance. For thoroughbred
racehorses, it improves speed and recovery. If you give spirulina to your dog
or cat, you'll notice healthier skin, lustrous coat and fresher breath. Older
animals may regain their flexibility.

25kg/drum, 2 polybags inside

Heshan Xuncheng Trading Development Co., Ltd., stated in 2005, is an import and export trading company specializing in manufactures Yuhui spirulina and sales of different pressure vessels. After our establishment, we have gained tremendous development, and our market is under expanding.

YUHUI spirulina algae production bases are in the Nan Kun hill and Luo Fu hill, which are the environment protection regions of Guangdong a good natural environment, an advanced production technology and the specialized management guarantee the stability and safety of the products quality. The spirulina is with rich nutrition, high nutrition value and large application scope, especially in food, high effect feed, medicine, chemical and so on as a natural protective products, also showing special effect for some silks. There are good protein, different types of Maintains livelihood, mineral stores and many active lives, which is easy to absorption by man.

The main products of pressure vessels are: Heat exchanger, reactor(with agitating or not), heater, separator, collector, hot water heater, pressured air storage tank, pressured water tank etc. petrol-chemical equipment, water supply equipment, boiler auxiliary equipment, paper-making equipment, cooking equipment, environment protection equipment, cooling agent equipment ,large scale storage tank, steel structure and pressured parts.

We treasure what we have and we are confident of expanding cooperation with customers and partners from around the world based on our business concept "sincere, practical, diligent, innovate, high-efficient development". We sincerely hope that you can join us to build a bright and brilliant future together.

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