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2007-9-12 23:04:12

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China Agricultural University (CAU) is the merger of Beijing Agricultural University (the west campus) and Beijing Agriculture Engineering University (the east campus) in 1995. The history of Beijing Agricultural University traces back to 1905.
  China Agricultural University Library (CAUL) is one of the most important library in agricultural education and research in China. The new building occupies 12,000 square meters finished in 1990 with the modern and reader-oriented design. The capacity of the collection is 150 million volumes. The current collection is about 80 thousand volumes including 2,000 serial titles and 3000 rare books and abundant materials exchanged with domestic and overseas libraries. In recent years, an increasing number of electronic resources have been available in the Library. The collection of China Agricultural University Library is emphasized on agriculture and biology and also covers broad subjects of Humanities, Social Sciences and Management. Most of circulated collections are open access for everybody who wishes to visit them.
  The library has 7 divisions: Administration, Circulation, Automation, Acquisition and catalogue, Information Service, Digital Development and technical Service Department.
  CAUL plays a major role in providing information services to the agricultural education and research of the university and other universities and research institutes in the country as well. CAUL also functions as National Foreign Textbook Center for Agriculture and the National Agriculture Information Center of CALIS (China Academic Library & Information System) affiliate to the Library.
  CAUL is one of the member libraries of online union catalogue system and coordinator of Japanese union catalogue system of CALIS. The coordination of nation-wide resource sharing and document delivering services among agricultural university libraries are also the responsibility of the library.
  User education is one of the main functions of CAUL. The library provides different kind of training courses and workshops to the students and faculty every year for the improvement of their information awareness and ability of getting information.
Over 70 staff services in CAUL. The majority of them are librarians, associate research librarians. The vocational education is continuously given to the staff.
  CAUL pays more attention to international cooperation and has initiated a series of projects in various means to enhance information communication and exchange worldwide. CAUL is a member of China Chapter of International Federation of Library Association, IFLA and International Association for Agricultural Information Specialists, IAAL.