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2007-9-2 9:52:06

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WILD Resolver® Technology Great taste for functional food and beverages

Excellent taste is essential for the success of food and beverages. However, sweeteners and functional ingredients have an undesired off-note that interferes the sensory experience of the product. The WILD Resolver® Technology optimizes the taste of foods, beverages, and other single ingredients. The effectiveness of the WILD Resolver® has been approved in numerous products.

The WILD Resolver® is a component of a natural flavor, based on a combination of natural flavors and flavor extracts. WILD has developed this specific Resolver® Technology to improve the taste reception of artificially sweetened products as well as to neutralize undesirable off-notes. The WILD Resolver® is water-soluble and does not contain any GMO ingredients.

Sweeteners, cereals, mineral nutrients, vitamins and preserving agents have - besides the desired qualities -  unpleasant sensory characteristics, including a bitter, soapy, metallic or burning aftertaste. By adding the WILD Resolver®, these undesirable off-notes can be blocked and allowing the taste of the products to be noticeably improved. Thus, the natural flavor caters for a positive taste experience in the product.

How does the WILD Resolver® Technology work?

Human taste receptors are based on a receptor activation system. In order to pass a specific sensation to the brain, the molecules in foods or beverages must latch onto the corresponding taste receptor and contact the receptor activator. When a particular flavor component is undesired, such as the bitter aftertaste of sweeteners, the WILD Resolver® neutralizes the molecular structure by blocking keys and triggers for that molecule in the food or beverage, so the tongue's bitter taste receptor is never activated.

A multitude of applications

The WILD Resolver® is suitable for application in a wide variety of products of the food and beverage industry. It is currently being used in calorie-reduced soft drinks, soy drinks, tea and coffee products, sports drinks, energy drinks, dietary supplements and dietetic products.

The Resolver® Technology works especially well when neutralizing undesirable off-notes of certain functional ingredients. The Resolver® blocks the unpleasant aftertaste of mineral nutrients, vitamins, proteins, emulsifiers, or plant extracts -enabling tasteless fortification of food and beverages with functional ingredients.

WILD's flavor technology works just as well for preserving agents or sweeteners. The WILD Resolver® rounds off the taste profile and reduces the aftertaste of these additives.

The right application for any product

A variety of different Resolver® types have been developed by WILD, and adapted to the different food and beverage applications. Furthermore, WILD's specialists determine the optimum usage level for the natural flavor. Depending on type and use level, a neutral, mild, fresh, fruity or sweet taste unfolds. Excellent taste experience of final products is the predominant concern for WILD.

Graphical material:
Picture: WILD_withoutResolver.jpg
Caption: Without the WILD Resolver®: The product's molecules can dock to the
taste receptor unhindered and hit the trigger - the bitter taste sensation
is transmitted to the brain.

Picture: WILD_withResolver.jpg
Caption: With the WILD Resolver®: the natural flavor blocks key and trigger
of the bitter molecule and thus prevents the activation of the bitter
receptor on the tongue.

Photo source: Rudolf Wild GmbH & Co. KG (printing free of charge when source
is named)

Heidelberg-Eppelheim, March 12, 2007

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